Check your site score

Website not working

Site scores can range from input on the quality of your SEO settings to analyzing your site in regards to the time it takes to load.  Both of these factors can either benefit or harm your ability to be found and to keep people on your site.

A site that takes a long time to load is frustrating at best.  As we already know, we live in a want-it-now world, and patience for a slow loading site is becoming less and less.  Years ago we could blame our internet speed – but with the advent of 4G networks and smartphones it is more important than ever to optimize your site for speed. If a person leaves your site quickly because of a load issue or not finding the content they want, it gets registered by Google as a bounce.  I high bounce rate will negatively impact your SEO results.

Research from Doubleclick (owned by Google) published in September 2016 suggests:

‘Slow loading sites frustrate users and negatively impact publishers. In our new study, “The Need for Mobile Speed”, we found that 53% of mobile site visits are abandoned if pages take longer than 3 seconds to load.

Check out this great image I found from KissMetrics when doing research on this article (view article here):


This matches my web usage (both mobile and desktop). After a certain amount of time if a page doesn’t load, I move on – and so will your customers.

Assessing your website speed

There are some great websites available that will allow you to do a check on your site for FREE and they will also give you recommendations on things that need improvement.  Free tips!  Nice!

The first one is provided by Google:  This site will give you separate date for mobile load time vs desktop load time.

GTMetrix is also a great place to run a FREE analysis on your site. GTmetrix gives you insight on how well your site loads and provides actionable recommendations on how to optimize it.

From the information you receive on just these two sites you will be able to implement some fixes to speed things up.  If you don’t know what all the results mean, we are here to help you.  Just give us a call at 402.435.8424 so we can discuss your findings.

We’re not here to tell you that Google weighs speed as a major factor in SEO results – but we can tell you from personal experience that if your site doesn’t load quickly there is a very high likelihood that customers will find a competitor who’s site does load quickly – and they’ll get the call, not you.